13 Nov

Astro Locator – Our New iPhone Astronomy App

We are delighted to announce that we have a new iPhone Astronomy app, Astro Locator.
Astro Locator makes it easy for Amateur Astronomers to get polar aligned quickly and easily.
Astro Locator - Get Polar Aligned quickly and easily

Astro Locator launched today, Thursday 13th November 2014.

Polar Aligned Astronomers

Astro Locator is designed to make it easy and quick for astronomers to get polar aligned.

It will be of particular benefit to new astronomers, or those who set up and break down each session! Great if you don’t have an observatory!

It is easy to view current direction, elevation, latitude and longitude, altitude, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times as well as astro twilight times all on one screen that is night vision friendly just for astronomy.

Finding Polaris or Sigma Octantis

Astro Locator’s primary purpose is to help find Polaris or Sigma Octantis quickly and easily.

All data required to quickly and effectively locate Polaris or Sigma Octants is displayed clearly on one screen.


Astro Locator shows correct elevation. Couple this with the current latitude and astronomers can find the pole star.

Accurate Time

Critical to Iridium flares, Astro Locator shows accurate time in both UTC and local time zones for accurate setup in astronomy.

Astronomy Time Window

Get sunrise and sunset times and astro twilight start and end times, as well as seeing the current moon phase, to know when viewing and imaging is possible.

Today Extension

Whilst the sunrise & sunset, and astro twilight times are of course available within the app, they are also available for quick access as a Today Widget. Just a quick swipe down to view the days information.

Designed for iPhone, get Astro Locator now on the App Store.

Astro Locator Download