26 Jun

Google Webmaster Tools 404 crawl errors

Having noticed an issue in Google Webmaster tools relating to a website running on WordPress, it seemed some default settings were causing these 404 errors to occur.

The 404 crawl errors were being created to /feed/ directories post page titles. After investigation it seems WordPress is rather bloating the header these days, and in the process is adding /feed/ etc into the header of each page!

To resolve this we used functionality within Yoast. I would highly recommend looking at the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ .

In the Yoast settings, looking at the Titles & Metas screen, I would suggest that within “Sitewide meta settings” you look to enable “Noindex subpages of archives”, and also within the “Clean up the <head>”  section, tick each option in order to remove the bloat from the head section.

After doing this the 404 issues within Google Webmaster tools were resolved.

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