13 Jul

National Countryside Week 2014

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise that we can do, yet so often it is forgotten.Best of all, walking is pretty much free.

Going for a walk brings us closer to nature, and allows us to see the landscapes, many of which may not be far from home. Hiking through local woodland, up hills, seeking stunning views gives us time to reflect and rejuvenate, whilst appreciating both the sheer delight and the importance of the countryside around us.

National Countryside Week runs from 14th-20th July 2014, and is an annual awareness campaign focussed on celebrating the British countryside, along with the people working and living in our rural areas.


During this years National Countryside Week, people are being encouraged to get together with family, friends or colleagues and get walking in the countryside.

During the week, if you are looking for ideas for your own trek, then take a look at www.walkingworld.com who have a number of walks available for download. Whilst out walking, tweet your ‘WALKIE’, a Countryside version of a selfie, whilst on route and the Princes Countryside Fund website are looking to feature your pictures here, and whilst you are at it, text PCF to 70300 to make a £3 donation to the Fund, or visit their site here.

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