30 Jun

Small business development processes

Having set up a new small business, we are aware of the need for an effective way to manage the day to day aspects of a business.

Managing Process

After looking at a number of possibilities we adopted Trello as it provides a flexible and intuitive way that we can create different boards to manage our planning activities. Think of it as post it notes on steroids!

We currently run a number of boards:-

1) Inbox

The initial board that anything will appear on, or more specifically in the Inbox list within this board.

All ideas, customer requests, bugs or chores get placed straight onto the inbox list.

Every week we then look at the cards in the inbox and move them into the relevant lists of BugsChores or Proceed. Proceed is for new items that we decide to move forward, and will be moved onto their own board as relevant.

2) Plan

This board shows us, at a high level, our milestone events and release dates. We have an individual list per month, so it is easy to see what is coming up and organise effectively. Each week, whilst looking at the inbox, we will update this board accordingly, and can look at it at any time to view the workload and plan effectively.


3) Individual Project Boards

For each project we then have a board. These typically consist of the following lists:-

Ideas – This is where initial ideas will go first. Kind of like a hopper for the project.

Queue – This is where items move to once approved to continue.

Up Next – We will add cards from the Queue list to this on a weekly basis. These are then available to pick up for action.

In Progress – Cards get placed here once picked up to be actioned and will remain here until complete.

QA – Once completed, the card will be shifted to QA for testing and approval.

Launchpad – All approved changes awaiting release will sit here waiting.

Pending Review – This is used for iOS apps, and indicates the changes that are sat pending Apple approval.

Live – Finally the cards shift to Live.

Trello is available on the web, and also on iOS iPad and iPhone, Android & Windows 8. All of which allow for easy additions on the run. On the Mac we use Trello in Fluid so that it runs as its own app.

Check out Trello at http://www.trello.com, and Fluid at http://www.fluidapp.com.