22 Dec

StepWise Pedometer & NHS Choices Health Apps Library

I am delighted to announce that StepWise Pedometer plus Calorie and Weight Fitness Tracker for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 5S is now featured on the NHS Choices Health Apps Library at apps.nhs.uk.

NHS Choices

StepWise Pedometer iPhone 5S, Health and Fitness for Walking Running and Jogging. Exercise and get fit. Progress Concepts.

NHS Choices Health Apps Library

Having discussed the inclusion of StepWise with NHS Choices earlier this year, I had not heard anything back, and had forgotten about the whole matter.

However, I noticed the listing the other day, and realised they had activated it without my knowledge.

Firstly, I am immensely proud that the NHS have chosen to feature our StepWise Pedometer Fitness app. It is a great privilege to have written an app that they feel is worthy of promotion to the service users and public as a whole, and reminds me of why we do app development in the first place.

The listing shows the old details for StepWise, from before the inclusion of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with HealthKit and Today View Widget for iOS 8, along with the fact that StepWise was a paid app!

NHS Choices Safe & Trusted App

StepWise has just gone free! This is something I was planning to do before Christmas and the New Years resolution period, as I feel that we have a responsibility to promote everyones health with the tools we have available. The inclusion of StepWise Pedometer on the NHS Choices website, has just confirmed to me that I did the right thing!

I would like to thank NHS Choices for reviewing StepWise and promoting it as a safe and trusted app to help you manage your health.

Download StepWise for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5S now!

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