23 Oct

iTunes Store Reviews and Ratings

As any App Developer, Podcaster or iBook Author will know, it is both tedious and time consuming to search iTunes for every App, Podcast or iBook and then locate any reviews that may, or may not exist in each country individually.

Here at Progress Concepts we wanted to design an app that gave users quick and easy access to every review from every country. We want developers and podcasters to quickly understand users views so that they can provide better products, not only to benefit the user, but to benefit their brand and the Apple eco-system as a whole. Read More

17 Aug

Log iOS Errors to File

Normally, attaching to the console log through the debugger in Xcode shows everything we need to see, but what happens when you need to understand what happened when the device wasn’t hooked up to the debugger?

I recently had an issue that manifested itself only sporadically, and therefore needed to capture the output from NSLog and other console errors to better understand what was happening at the time of the bug. Read More

08 Aug

Non-Renewing Subscription In-App Purchases iOS

I recently needed to implement a Non-Renewing Subscription In-App Purchase on iOS, well, actually a number of Non-Renewing Subscriptions!

In App Purchase Types

For newbies, there are multiple types of In App Purchase options, Consumable, Non-Consumable, Auto-Renewable Subscriptions, Free Subscriptions, and lastly Non-Renewing Subscriptions. Read More

03 Jul

World iTunes App Store App Reviews on your iPhone

Following numerous developers stating how hard it is to monitor and keep track of iOS App Reviews on the iTunes store, we decided it was time to investigate the possibility of resolving their pain.

We too were aware that to view reviews it is necessary to look in iTunes Connect at every individual store, all 155 of them! The app reviews a user sees in iTunes are only the ones from their home country, not the world. Whilst some services exist to pull app reviews together, there wasn’t anything that met with our need to be able to filter reviews by rating, automatically translate or email specific reviews to support for investigation. Most of all, we want access to the data, in our pocket at any time. Read More