25 Jun

Progress Concepts Arrives!

After some careful thought and development, Progress Concepts has arrived!

We understand that as a technology company, an efficient and clear website is not only a must, but is the front door to our business.

This is clearly true of most companies these days, no matter if your operate online or off, your website is your online front door for your business, and your customers not only expect you to have one, but they want in the every increasing mobile age, they want it to be mobile friendly.

To be effective, your business website needs to be eye catching, and clients also want your website to be clear. From your perspective, the site needs to meet the individual requirements of your business.

We set out to ensure that our site effectively shows what we do, in a quick and clean way, but also for the site to be responsive and display clearly on all devices. With many users now browsing from mobiles or tablets, it is pointless having your full site display just as it does on a desktop or laptop and expect the user to zoom in and out!

Instead, it is necessary to create websites that adapt to the users device. Recent research shows that the majority of browsing is now done on mobile devices. With iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPad mini, Android, etc., mobile is fast becoming the norm.


Why not get in touch with us today to discuss creating a new mobile ready, responsive web site for your business, and tap into the changing mobile market.