App Review 360 FAQs

  • Instructions
  • AppReview360?
  • How does it work?
  • Other services allow me to see reviews
  • What reviews can I see?
  • I am not seeing new reviews
  • Can I turn off notification sound?
  • Can I save an app, podcast or iBook?
  • I can only see 3 reviews
  • Are all stores checked?
  • Reviews not refreshing
  • I am seeing duplicate reviews
  • Ratings review count doesn't match reviews from country
  • Data
– Search for App, Podcast or iBook.

– Tap on chosen item.

– View reviews.

– Pull down to force refresh.

– Tap filter to access options to filter by rating, country and version (where applicable).

– Tap Reset Filter to return to full view.

– Tap Save to save item and enable background updates.

– Tap on a review for more details.

– View full details.

– Tap Email to send full review.

– Tap Translate to translate reviews in other languages.

– Tap on Ratings to view the overall rating for every country.

– Tap on any of these countries to filter reviews by that country only.

AppReview360 makes it simple to monitor iTunes Reviews from all countries for any iOS App, OS X App, Podcast or iBook.

AppReview360 quietly monitors for reviews in the background, and notifies you as new reviews are posted.

View full reviews, filter by star rating, version and country, email and even translate!AppReview360 will also display ratings on a country basis, so that you can better understand how ratings may vary in different stores.

AppReview360 aggregates all the iTunes & reviews for your chosen Apps, Podcasts & iBooks from every country.

AppReview360 can automatically check in the background and notify you of new reviews.

Yes, there are other services that allow you to see reviews.

The key features of AppReview360 are that it automatically monitors your chosen apps in the background and notifies you to new reviews. Not just reviews from your country, but all reviews, from all countries, delivered to your iOS device.

AppReview360 also brings together the country based ratings to enable you to better understand how reviews may differ in different regions.

All reviews are then easily viewable in one easy list.

Reviews can be translated at the touch of a button, and can be emailed to your support team for action simply by tapping Email!

AppReview360 will check for iOS Apps, Mac Apps, Podcasts & iBooks.
This will usually be because there haven’t been any new reviews.

If you are a developer with access, please feel free to check in iTunes directly that you have received new reviews.

AppReview360 automatically checks in the background, with a maximum frequency of once every 3 hours. However, background activity is dependent upon the use of your device and the app.

You can force a refresh of reviews for a given app by pulling down on the relevant App Review screen.


Please switch audible alert off in settings.

* Subscription users only.

Yes, subscribed users can save as many items as they wish.

Reviews for saved items will be checked automatically, and AppReview360 will notify you when new reviews are found.

The standard version of AppReview360 only allows you to see the 3 most recent reviews from your own country.

Please subscribe to view all available reviews from all countries, as well as many more features.

Yes, AppReview360 checks all stores.

We monitor the list of stores, and update them as they change.

A minimum interval of 3 hours is left between checks for reviews.

You can override this by pulling down on the reviews screen.

However, please note that constantly refreshing may well cause empty data sets to be returned from Apple, as they may throttle excessive use.

If you notice empty data sets, save the app, podcast or iBook, and check back in an hour or so, and the reviews should come through. The background checking will manage the loads, so all apps, podcasts and iBooks will be checked.

Occasionally you may notice duplicate reviews.

This is actually due to the review being listed twice, with separate ID’s in the feeds.

This is not a bug in AppReview360.

AppReview360 will access and download all possible reviews from iTunes.

If the app, podcast or iBook has a great number of reviews, it is possible that older reviews will not be served up. The review count provided is the all time count, and therefore may be higher.

All data is provided by Apple Corp and is subject to their terms and conditions of use.

If you need further help, please contact us via the contact option within the app. This will include data which helps us when answering your question.Thanks.