22 Dec

StepWise Pedometer goes Free!

After writing our recent article, Calories: A seasonal concern? recently, it set me thinking about the importance of fitness, exercise and diet for all of us.

StepWise Pedometer plus Calorie and Weight Fitness Tracker is designed specifically for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5S, and transforms your iPhone into the ultimate HealthKit fitness tracker.

StepWise Pedometer iPhone 5S, Health and Fitness for Walking Running and Jogging. Exercise and get fit. Progress Concepts.

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13 Nov

How to add Today View widgets in iOS 8

iOS 8 introduced updates to the Notification Center, one of the biggest changes being that iPhone and iPad users can now add widgets to the Today tab of the Notification Center.

Whilst not all apps will have a Today Widget, developers are now starting to add these to provide users with new information, quicker viewing of information, or to introduce new and innovative ideas.

Just add the relevant Today View Widgets to get started.

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26 Oct

Calories: A seasonal concern?

Recently I was looking at Google Trends. For anyone who doesn’t know, Google Trends is a fantastic service that plots search trends over time, and provides a great insight into what may realistically be expected moving forwards.

Whilst doing some research for our app StepWise Pedometer, one term I searched for was calories. Whilst not entirely surprising, the results certainly appear quite telling!

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23 Oct

iTunes Store Reviews and Ratings

Review Kit · App, Podcast & iBook iTunes Store Reviews & Ratings

As any App Developer, Podcaster or iBook Author will know, it is both tedious and time consuming to search iTunes for every App, Podcast or iBook and then locate any reviews that may, or may not exist in each country individually.

Here at Progress Concepts we wanted to design an app that gave users quick and easy access to every review from every country. We want developers and podcasters to quickly understand users views so that they can provide better products, not only to benefit the user, but to benefit their brand and the Apple eco-system as a whole. Read More

17 Aug

Log iOS Errors to File

Normally, attaching to the console log through the debugger in Xcode shows everything we need to see, but what happens when you need to understand what happened when the device wasn’t hooked up to the debugger?

I recently had an issue that manifested itself only sporadically, and therefore needed to capture the output from NSLog and other console errors to better understand what was happening at the time of the bug. Read More

08 Aug

Non-Renewing Subscription In-App Purchases iOS

I recently needed to implement a Non-Renewing Subscription In-App Purchase on iOS, well, actually a number of Non-Renewing Subscriptions!

In App Purchase Types

For newbies, there are multiple types of In App Purchase options, Consumable, Non-Consumable, Auto-Renewable Subscriptions, Free Subscriptions, and lastly Non-Renewing Subscriptions. Read More

31 Jul

AppReview360 Updated: iTunes App Reviews for iOS

Since releasing AppReview360 at the beginning of the month, we have been extremely pleased with the number of people who have downloaded the app.

We are pleased to announce that earlier today, we released an update which should resolve a few bugs that could cause occasional crashes under certain conditions.

In this release we also enabled the ability to tap on the icon for the app and jump right over to the AppStore there and then. Read More