13 Jul

National Countryside Week 2014

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise that we can do, yet so often it is forgotten.Best of all, walking is pretty much free.

Going for a walk brings us closer to nature, and allows us to see the landscapes, many of which may not be far from home. Hiking through local woodland, up hills, seeking stunning views gives us time to reflect and rejuvenate, whilst appreciating both the sheer delight and the importance of the countryside around us.

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03 Jul

World iTunes App Store App Reviews on your iPhone

Following numerous developers stating how hard it is to monitor and keep track of iOS App Reviews on the iTunes store, we decided it was time to investigate the possibility of resolving their pain.

We too were aware that to view reviews it is necessary to look in iTunes Connect at every individual store, all 155 of them! The app reviews a user sees in iTunes are only the ones from their home country, not the world. Whilst some services exist to pull app reviews together, there wasn’t anything that met with our need to be able to filter reviews by rating, automatically translate or email specific reviews to support for investigation. Most of all, we want access to the data, in our pocket at any time. Read More

26 Jun

Google Webmaster Tools 404 crawl errors

Having noticed an issue in Google Webmaster tools relating to a website running on WordPress, it seemed some default settings were causing these 404 errors to occur.

The 404 crawl errors were being created to /feed/ directories post page titles. After investigation it seems WordPress is rather bloating the header these days, and in the process is adding /feed/ etc into the header of each page! Read More

25 Jun

Progress Concepts Arrives!

After some careful thought and development, Progress Concepts has arrived!

We understand that as a technology company, an efficient and clear website is not only a must, but is the front door to our business.

This is clearly true of most companies these days, no matter if your operate online or off, your website is your online front door for your business, and your customers not only expect you to have one, but they want in the every increasing mobile age, they want it to be mobile friendly. Read More